Trendy Trinity - Our blessing, our business, our story.
It all started with a unique and very special bond – three friends who decided to build on a lifelong friendship by exchanging and sharing their ideas and doing something they are all very passionate about…a trinity, truly to be reckoned with. A few dreams evolving into one purpose; our purpose of reinventing all aspects of life. Born in Centurion, South Africa through lots of laughter, excitement, at times frustration and disappointments, but always with the needed love and care that allowed us to become the Trendy Trinity we are today.
True transformation comes from having a deep passion for what you do daily, and if there’s one thing that we could highly recommend, it would be to try and find your passion. It’s not an easy process, but if you are one of the lucky ones to successfully identify yours, it would radiate from the things you create; early mornings and late nights may become the norm, but you love it! Each day becomes a new opportunity to find that something that will enrich and fulfil other people’s lives.
It is our hope that our passion will be evident in everything we create – that our customers will experience the love and enjoy our products as much as we loved creating them. Trendy Trinity wants to provide their customers with the unique opportunity to own their own, personalised designer item, or experience the absolute satisfaction of gratitude in their eyes after gifting it to a best friend or a loved one. These special moments fuel our passionate drive for what we do.

We always strive to reinvent and reanalyse all aspects of life, constantly searching for the next trending item and exploring ways that could spark another unique Trendy Trinity masterpiece. Become part of our story where we set the trends!


Three lifelong, best friends + unique & trending ideas + entrepreneurial spirit = Trendy Trinity

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